[watch] Don’t Fence Me In: The Wide Shots of Michael Cimino


[watch] Don’t Fence Me In: The Wide Shots of Michael Cimino

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When Michael Cimino was good, he was great. At his peak the director – who recently passed away – created some of the most memorable film experiences in American history. THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT. THE DEER HUNTER. Even HEAVEN’S GATE for all the talk of its financial excesses and poor critical reception is still a gorgeous movie that casts no doubts whatsoever as to Cimino’s ability to discover beauty with his camera.

One of Cimino’s trademark ways of capturing that beauty once found is the wide shot, which the director employs liberally (via cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond) in THE DEER HUNTER and HEAVEN’S GATES especially with their natural panoramas that are almost characters unto themselves, but also in THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT – another prairie-set film with lots of vistas – YEAR OF THE DRAGON, THE SICILIAN, DESPERATE HOURS and THE SUNCHASER.

In the latest video from Jorge Luengo Ruiz, the wide shots of Cimino’s career have been collected and edited into a brief supercut that is nothing short of beautiful. They reveal that while the narrative career of Michael Cimino might have had its ups and downs, cinematically he never lost a step.


Michael Cimino / Wide Shot from Jorge Luengo Ruiz on Vimeo.

H. Perry Horton

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